Namibia and South Africa

After ten years, I visited Namibia and South Africa again. Even though many people do not associate travelling in Africa with travelling with children, is this rout more than suitable for kids. Namibia and South Africa are developed countries with good infrastructure, without diseases like malaria (they are also very, very far from Ebola). However, this is real Africa with all wild animals, and adventure that will remain with kids for a long time. Gargantuan, 300 m high sand dunes in Namib desert are easily the largest sand box in the world. One of the most desolate places on earth, Skeleton coast, has special charm, especially if you find a whale skeleton on the beach. But the real highlight is watching wild animals from your car in Etosha or Kgaligadi national parks. Seeing real lion through the open window of a car so close, you could pet him if you would stretch your hand through the window, is, in my opinion, priceless experience for kids.

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