My cooking

I enjoy cooking very much, either following recipes or inventing my own. You can find here some of my own recipes and two classic Slovenian recipes.

Traditional Slovenian recipes

Potica: Probably the most well known Slovenian dish international, in the US you can order it at the website (no affiliation with my web site, I just find it interesting).

Mushroom soup: wonderful soup, but it must be made from wild mushrooms, ceps (porcini) and chanterelles are the best. If using dry ceps/porcini mushrooms, you must soak them for two hours in the water first.

My own recipes:

Tagliatele with squid ink, prawns and roquefort

Risotto with chanterelles, pine nuts and dark chocolate

Risotto with shark and coconut

Crepes with squid ink, goat cheese mousse and prawns

Chestnut mousse with krainer sausage and fresh horseradish

Gateau Aztec

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