My travels

One of the passions in my life is traveling.  I have travelled to more than 60 countries so far (and I hope I will add to this list), on all continents except Antarctica. I love to meet new people and new cultures, and my travelling motto is that you have to accept people as they are, and you can learn something from everybody, no matter how different they are.  I would have great difficulty to decide which countries of those visited I like the most, but if I will have to single out some of them, Iran, Ethiopia and Colombia would definitely be on this list due to the kindness of the people there.  And of course, all subsaharan African countries that have, in addition to their people, incredible nature. Since I have a family I continue to travel and I found out that travelling with kids is just as easy. Kids love to travel, explore new countries, meet new people, and travels are wonderful experiences for them. 

Below are links to some photos from several of my travels and I am planing to add more. If you would like to ask me anything about my travels, about the countries that I have visited or would like some advice about travelling in any of those countries you are more than welcome to drop me a note on gregor.majdic1(at)

AUSTRALIA            ETHIOPIA             JORDAN            SOUTH KOREA                         NAMIBIA and SOUTH AFRICA          USA

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