In spring of 2008, we choose perhaps less exotic, although very far away and interesting country since me and my wife were travelling with our 11 month old son. Many things to see, beautiful campings and great infrastructure makes this country very easy to travel with a baby.

We found Uluru as one of the highlights of the travel, this rock is just incredible.  Even though nearby Kata Tjuta’s are beautiful and immense, nothing compares to Uluru, where you can really feel that this rock is something special.  900 feet high monolith seems out of place.  As my wife commented, it appears more like coming from the space than from the earth. 

Diving on great barrier reef was one of the highlights, although for me the diving was much better close to Whitsunday island (starting off from Arlie beach) than in Cairns, the diving capitol.  Another incredible area is Daintree, north of Cairns, where tropical rain forest meet with the see. Of course, close encounters with kangaroos (not as many as one expect before coming to Australia), koalas and wild camels (yes, you read correctly – there are many wild camels in the red center that were brought to the country initially as beasts of burden and later some where released and some escaped, and this give rise to a rather large colonies of wild camels that can be seen today) are great, and so are lovely cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane (for us the favorite are listed from the last to first).

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